About "Hari Eien wa . . ."

At the moment, this is just a temporary layout until I find the time to make a new one. And . . .I really was just tired of the old rose colour that I've had up for WHO knows how long. =^>.>^=;;;

Anyway, "Hari Eien wa . . . " (formally "Ansatsusha's Practice Field") is intended to be a bilingual site and just house my stuff for now. We'll see how it progresses in the future with my ever-increasing lack of time and emergence into the "real world" from college.

I hope you all enjoy it.

About Miss Tsua

Del/Dela, Tsua, Sam
Age: 23
Location: Oregon
Occupation: Manager of ISP/Web/Network Consultation COmpany

University of Oregon
Quote: "Flesh-fearing Christians"

(11/29/2004 1103pm)