~Web Page Graveyard~

This layout was for a blog that one of my friends writes. It is a tables based layout featuring the character Sano from the Japanese manga (Japanese comic books) Hanazakari Kimitachi e.
This little layout is the current splash page for the main website that I run and maintain. it can be found at http://www.perryandtsua.com . This particular layout sues rollover in a quasi-complicated table and java format.= ^o.0^= The character featured on the layout is Suu, from the manga series Clover.
This was the first real graphics oriented blog layout that I did . . . . I think a couple of years ago. I also made a companion winamp skin for this tables layout. The characters featured are Nakatsu and Sano from the manga series Hanazakari Kimitashi e
Yet another graphic oriented, tables layout for my blog, as well as the previous layout to the left, this layout also comes with a winamp skin companion. =^^=;; This layout features Dark Mousy from the manga series D.N.Angel.
This particular layout was my first frames layout that I used for my blog. I really liked it especially since it seems spacious and I like spacious layouts. =^^=; Also, this layout comes with a companion wall paper and features the androgynous male character Beramode from the Korean computer game, War of Genesis III, Part II
This pretty piece of a difficult frames and graphics layout was also for my blog. =^^=;; I loved the images, spent way too much time on them, but the effect I loved. I just wish I could remember where I got the base images from. =^>.<^=.
This layout was one of my most recent layouts for my blog as well as the shortest lived. =^^=;; I really enjoyed the layout, but then I started going for a minimalist layout image wise so I could use more space for typing and what not. =^^=;
Aaaah, yes, the layout that hasn't changed in four years. That will change here shortly as I find myself with more time and a renewed love of web page design. This layout is the entrance page to my personal site Hiri Eien wa (formally Ansatsusha's Practice Field).
This is the same layout as before, but is a screen cap that contains the pop up frames navigation window. =^^=;; (Yes, I am aware of how small the contents window is. =^^=;; It's the other main reason that I want to make a new layout besides the fact that the layout is really old. =^^=;;)
This layout I made for the winamp skins page that I maintain and is a frames layout. ... I really don't have anything else to say about it. =^^=;;
This layout is yet ANOTHER ManicLove layout. =^>.>^=;; In fact, it was retired less than a week ago. The base images are from RagnarokOnline and Greg Martin. Both -- as is usual -- were edited all over the place.


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