~ Winamp Skins ~

This skin features the extremely popular Jrock (Japanese Rock) singer Kamui Gackt. Honestly, many people think this is a great skin, but not my best and I have to disagree with them simply for the sheer amount of time and effort and my life’s energy that I poured into this one. All eight images were seamlessly put together. I love this skin so much. =^;_;^= <- tears of joy
I really don't have a lot to say about this skin. =^^=;; I like it? Anyway, this is the character Daisuke from the manga (Japanese comic books) series D.N.Angel
Aaaaaah, yes, the peoples choice! This skin is actually a companion to one of my previous ManicLove (blog/online journal) layouts. I like this skin immensely and had a fun time experimenting with filter and rendering effects. XD
Umm, the characters featured are Sano and Nakatsu from the manga series Hanazakari Kimitachi e.
Another one of my better skins; however, it sadly does not yet have a playlist skinned like the other skins featured on this page. =^^=;; Saaaa, oh well, I'll just have to finish it when I have more time again. Oh! This skin is also a compantion skin to one of my ManicLove layouts and features the character Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel
This little bit of purpleness is the third winamp skin I made. =^^=;; It's very purple, and the background is a microscope slide of cotton before it is processed. =^^=;; (random bit of info for you there). The character features is Seraphim from the anime/OAV (original animation video) series Seraphim Call.
Ummm . . this is the greenest skin I have ever done. =^^=;; I really liked the image and it was a "Your Dream Guy" winamp skin challenge for Valentines day once upon a time. =^^=;;;
The character remains nameless at this point in time, but is the art work of the wonderful Higuri You.

(12/05/2003 1:35am)